About Me

Photo kindly captured by Adel

I’m Omer Dawelbeit. My passion for computers and programming started as a hobby back in the day and evolved over the years to cover stuff such as Web technologies, cloud computing, Big Data and IoT. I’ve a PhD in Computer Science,15 years of technical leadership, consultancy experience and hands-on software development. I’ve designed and implemented both large and small applications for businesses ranging from Startups to Blue-Chip. I’m also a regular contributor to Open Source through my GitHub repos. I like technical challenges and pushing the limit of what’s possible, I like to motivate and I’m always positive .

I’m a Google Developer Expert for Cloud and currently work as a consultant architecting and developing software applications @ iNetria. I’m the founder of OfficeMA Timesheet. I’m also the organiser for the Reading and Thames Valley Google Developers Group. I enjoy mentoring & inspiring other developers, sharing knowledge through open source code samples, presentations and blog posts. Below is a brief summary of my community engagements.


If you want me to help with your business or speak at your conference or event please email me on omer (dot) dawelbeit (at) gmail.com or tweet me.





Open source projects:

I’m currently the contributor and maintainer of the following open source projects:

  • ECARF, Elastic cloud based reasoning framework for the Semantic Web, http://ecarf.io
  • CloudEx, A generic elastic cloud based framework for the execution of embarrassingly parallel tasks. http://cloudex.io.
  • Appstart, Graphviz-Server, etc… more projects on GitHub

Developer community:

I’m currently one of the organiser of the Reading & Thames Valley Google Developer Group