About Me

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I’m Omer Dawelbeit. My passion for computers and programming started as a hobby back in the day and evolved over the years to cover stuff such as Web technologies, cloud computing, Big Data and IoT. I’ve a PhD in Computer Science,16+ years of technical leadership, consultancy experience and hands-on software development. I’ve built digital capabilities, designed and implemented both large and small applications for businesses ranging from Startups to Blue-Chip. I’m also a regular contributor to Open Source through my GitHub repos. I like technical challenges and pushing the limit of what’s possible, I like to motivate and I’m always positive .

I’m a Google Developer Expert for Cloud and currently work as a consultant helping clients establish and operate their digital capabilities. I’ve founded two startups in the past. I was also the co-organiser for the Reading and Thames Valley Google Developers Group and have grown the group through technical community engagement and collaboration. I enjoy mentoring & inspiring others on digital technologies, sharing knowledge through open source code samples, presentations and blog posts. Below is a brief summary of my community engagements.


If you want me to speak at your conference or event please email me on omer (dot) dawelbeit (at) gmail.com or tweet me.



  • Oct/Nov 2017 – various talks covering Google Cloud in Algeria and UAE


Academic Publications

Open source projects:

I’m currently the contributor and maintainer of the following open source projects:

  • ECARF, Elastic cloud based reasoning framework for the Semantic Web, http://ecarf.io
  • CloudEx, A generic elastic cloud based framework for the execution of embarrassingly parallel tasks. http://cloudex.io.
  • Appstart, Graphviz-Server, etc… more projects on GitHub

Developer community: