Future of the web

It’s been quite an exciting journey for the Internet from being a hypertext medium to being an interface for deploying software applications. But there is still that confusion between websites, web applications and rich Internet applications, a confusion rooted in the duality of the web and the emergence of new technologies that enable a wide range of functionality and applications.

The term Web 2.0 is widely used these days to point to a range of technologies enabling some amazing things. Developers, reviewers, analysts and organisations all excited about the new web, people are even talking about Web 3.0 “Semantic Web”. There is a great deal of hype surrounding the web these days and a lot of promises, however there is a lack of clear strategy or consistent methodology for building applications for the new web

Different organisations are trying to come up with a toolkit, framework or a methodology to cash in the users’ excitement. In spite of all this the web will definitely continue to grow and who knows what the future of the web will hold…